From the President

 International cooperation is the basis of the sustainable development and better future for all.  The future belongs to young people, and they are    consistently at the forefront of innovation.

  The modernization of society demands changes in all areas of life, from areas such as education and culture to the industrial and social infrastructure,    energy, investment policy, regulatory and legal framework, etc. 

  Innovative potential is a key condition for the development of the modern state. Social innovations, widespread today in the states of vanguard economy,  not only form new type of people, but also define a new environment to live and work.

  Innovation affected the organization of modern production. Industrial clusters, which appeared in the mid-twentieth century and the beginning of this  century, have already received fairly widespread in the world, techno and industrial parks - all these elements of the new economic environment, the main  features of which consists of an integrated approach and cross-links.

 The level of competitiveness of the modern innovative economy increasingly depends on the quality of professional staff. Global competition for human    capital in the category went to the confrontation states. It was found that those who build effective institutions of reproduction of human capital, and will in  the long term the most competitive. Accordingly, to answer the call of time the education system is only capable of making his way deep and serious modernization.

Following the main trends of globalization, the development of countries will continue to be in the form of international collaboration and cooperation, taking into account the development of new media and space, primarily aimed at the formation of beneficial forms of international partnership.


                                                                                                  Andrei Generalov

                                                                                                    IIC President