Plans for 2016


      Plans for 2016


1. Obtaining registration in the database of the NGO Service (NGO directory of the Protocol Service) of Canton of Geneva

  UN Relations

1. Obtaining consultative status with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

2. Establishing relations with the World Tourist Organisation (UNWTO)

3. Participation in UN events in Geneva (Switzerland), Nairobi (Kenya), Moscow (Russia) and New York, USA


1. Creation of web portal of the UN Relations Support Centre for Russian-speaking Civil Society Organizations (UNRSC RCSO) and officially launch it on June 6, 2016 (UN Russian Language Day)

2. Development of Capacity Development Centre on Energy for Sustainable Development (CDC ESD)

3. Development of Academic Mobility Programme between Universities, including support of joint research projects and e-learning

4. Development of Internet Information Center for the Study of Tuberculosis in Russia


1. Conduct International conference in Geneva, Switzerland, devoted to the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization.

2. Conduct a side event during the Human Rights Council session in the Palace of Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) for practitioners from civil society organizations to achieve  breakthroughs and establish effective leadership

       Volunteerism Development

1.  Development of CII volunteer activities, collection of proposals for future projects